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Covid Vaccinated Resturant Staff

Our Kitchen/Food Lab

A fully enclosed, wall to ceiling tiled kitchen ensures that there is zero compromise on cleaning and food safety. We use imported, professional kitchen appliances that bring perfection every time we make your order. A smart computer system tracks each order for consistency and even red flags in case we don't get it right. Our kitchen staff is trained to perform using hand gloves and face shields. All vegetables are cleaned using Ozone Disinfection Technology.  

Employee Worklife Satisfaction

100% Vaccinated Staff

Since the second wave, we have tested our staff members three times on regular frequency. This ensured that our staff members continued to practice pandemic appropriate behaviour and test negative for COVID-19 since their association with us. In April 2021, we decided to vaccinate all our staff members on priority basis through the paid vaccination scheme. The state government however announced free vaccination for everyone soon after and we only had to facilitate the staff vaccination process. By June 2021, all our staff members were fully vaccinated. We pay our gratitude to the medical staff and front line workers who could make this possible within days of the vaccine availability. 

Resturant Cloud Kitchen Hygine

Well Thought Well Being

Our aim is to build a great team that feels rewarded and cared for. All our employees enjoy health insurance coverage of Rs. 5,00,000 and personal accident insurance of Rs. 30 lacs in addition to government mandated schemes. Every year, we provide two months* of paid leave alongside festival and performance bonuses.

Now that's what we call a great work place!

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