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Green Initiatives

0% Emission Delivery

Currently there are an estimated 4.5 million petrol two-wheelers engaged for food delivery in India, burning over 7 million liters of fuel every single day. The good news is that at SkyKitchen, we use oil only for cooking. SkyKitchen is India's first food delivery brand that operates on a 100% electric fleet. That's not all, by 2025 we aim to draw all the electric power for charging our vehicles from solar energy.

Electric Vehicle Zero Emission
non toxic paper food packaging

Plastic Free Packaging

Commonly found plastic containers are toxic and polluting in nature. All our brands commit to biodegradable packaging that's food grade and safe in the microwave. We have gone a step ahead; even the ink we use to print on the containers is soy based, commonly used on baby toys that's completely safe around food and beverage. 

Paperless is Priceless

As a firm, our technology enables us to drastically reduce our dependence on printers. Our kitchen and billing operations are completely paperless. KOTs are digitally displayed and managed on our kitchen app. All invoices are raised online and delivered over emails. Most contracts and agreements are digitally signed.  

ecofriendly practices
solar power energy conservation

Sunny Side Up

 We harness the solar geysers to draw hot water for cleaning and sanitising purposes. This helps us save 15 liters of gas every single month. We have commited to aggressively draw the benefits of solar power as we expand. 

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