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SkyKitchen Wallet

At SkyKitchen, loyalty is fundamental to customer experience. Customers find themselves rewarded at every step of the journey; be it on Sign Up, first order, referral or on everyday orders.

Step up your loyalty game with the SkyKitchen Wallet that truly gives you celestial rewards every time you order on the SkyKitchen app and website. 


What is it? 
The SkyKitchen Wallet is our in-house membership rewards wallet that credits cashback to all customers on transactions. When you Sign Up with us, you automatically get your SkyKitchen Wallet activated.

How Do I Earn Balance?
There are two ways to earn balance in your SkyKitchen Wallet.
1. Online Ordering: Every time you order on the SkyKitchen app or website, you get a flat 1% cashback of the ordering amount in your SkyKitchen Wallet. Please note, offline orders, bulk orders or order placed on aggregators will not earn any cashback. 

2. Referral: Loyalist bring in more loyalists. Invite your friends and family from the SkyKitchen app and get Rs.100 credited in your wallet! There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make. This is great fun! 

How Do I Use Balance?
You can use your SkyKitchen Wallet balance as discounts on your future orders.

You can earn cashback from any of our stores and can apply it across all our stores. No funny conditions here. The best part? You can choose not to use the cashback and rather save it for later. You can even pay for an order entirely using the SkyKitchen Wallet balance upto Rs.500. 

What's My Balance Worth?
Each cashback point is worth Re.1 upon redemption. Simple. 

Do The Cashbacks Expire?
Like most things in life, they do. But you will have 1,000 days to use them before they lapse. 

Can I Use Coupon Code & Cashback Together?
Yes! That's what we have been telling you about celestial rewards! 

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